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    Unit Standard:  7447

    Course Title:   Working with Numbers in Various Contexts

    Course Level: 1

    Course Credits:  6

    Course Duration:  Three days

    Cost of Course:  R 2 800,00 per delegate (excluding 15% VAT)

    Course Overview

    People credited with this Unit Standard will be able to:

      • Express and interpret a range of contexts using mathematical symbols and find applications for
        numerical models.
      • Solve a range of everyday problems using estimation and calculations.
      • Verify and justify solutions within different contexts.
      • Perform operations on simple and complex numerical expressions.
      • Describe and compare counting systems from different cultures.
      • Critically analyse the development of the base-ten number system.
      • Apply the relationship between rational and whole numbers.
      • Apply the relationship between rational numbers and integers.