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    This training course provides instruction on emergency response, safety, reporting, and evacuation of company facilities and work areas in the event of a natural disaster, fire, bomb threat, or other emergency. The procedures contained in this training should be followed unless otherwise directed by your employer, police or fire department officials.

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    • Health and Safety Officer
    • Emergency Coordinator
    • Health and Safety Representative
    • Risk Assessor
    • General Employees
    • In this course you will:
    • identify the provisions of an employer’s emergency response plan.
    • specify the purpose of a chain of command.
    • specify the methods used to request emergency help.
    • specify the function of an emergency evacuation plan and circumstances for implementation.
    • identify actions to take in the event of an earthquake.
    • identify actions to take in the event of a flood.
    • identify actions to take in the event of a tornado.
    • identify actions to take in the event of a fire.
    • identify actions to take if you receive a bomb threat.
    • identify actions to take if a hazardous material spill occurs.
    • identify violent behaviour warning signs.
    • identify the components of a violence prevention plan.
    • describe how to report workplace violence incidents.
    • It create awareness in a workplace
    • Assist in preventing fatalities and injuries.
    • Decrease damage to buildings, stock, and equipment.
    • Protect the environment and the community in it.
    • Operations can get back to normal quickly.
    1. Evacuation procedure
    2. Escape route
    3. Evacuation route
    4. Fire, I, II and III
    5. Hazardous material
    • Certificate of competence
    • Certificate of attendance
    • If applicable, an assessment at the end of the course will be required.
    • A minimum of 60% is to be achieved to attain a competence certificate.
    • If you achieve lower than 60% but get between 40 – 59% a second attempt will become available.
    • If you get lower than 40% and fail the second attempt, you will need to re-purchase the course.
    • An attendance certificate is awarded to you regardless of a pass or fail.