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    “Professionals to get the job done,
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    Secondment refers to an arrangement where an organisation takes on an employee on contract for a limited time, to get a project done or to assist with a temporary vacancy.


      Benefits of using our Secondment Service

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      New skills are brought into your organisation.

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      New perspectives are brought into your organisation.

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      You are guaranteed to get an employee who is a specialist in their field, who you do not have to train.

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      Ensure deadlines are met by adding an additional resource for a limited time.

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      No recruitment costs.

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      No time spent on unnecessary admin and training.

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      Why Choose Us?

      WWISE employ experts in the ISO and SHEQ Environments. By making use of our consultants and managers in your company, you will be able to reap the benefits our expert consultants and managers have to offer. We have a wide range of consultants available with international experience in a broad spectrum of industries. CVs on request.

      Let us be a part of your success story!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long is a secondment?

      There is no set time frame, you tell us what you need, for how long, and we’ll create the contract to match your needs.

      Are discounts possible?

      Yes, when taking on a resource for a longer period of time, or taking on more than one resource at a time, discounts will be discussed.

      How do I know my intellectual property will be protected?

      All employees sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement which safeguards your personal information and intellectual property.

      What happens if I’m not happy with the person seconded?

      We are certain that you will be very happy with any one of our excellent employees, however, should there be a mismatch between yourself and our employee, we would be more than willing to replace the employee with another one on the same level.

      I only need advice from an executive during a meeting which will take approximately 2 hours, do I have to pay for the whole day?

      No, the daily rates are configured for 8 hour days, you can just divide that amount into 8 to determine the hourly rate.

      I only require the employee’s assistance virtually, the employee will not have to travel to our offices, do the same rates apply?

      No, should the employee be able to assist virtually, a reduced price will be discussed.