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    Product testing is a process of measuring the properties or performance of products. Product testing pursues to ensure that purchasers understand what the product will do for them, and which products are of the greatest value. Product testing increases customer security.

    Product testing might be done by a manufacturer, an independent laboratory, a government agency, etc. Often an existing formal test method is used as a basis for testing. Other times engineers develop methods of test which are suited to the specific purpose. Comparative testing, subjects several replicate samples of similar products to identical test conditions.

    Product testing assists to make sure that consumers can understand what products will do for them and which products are the best value.


    • Reduce product development time.
    • Increase customer confidence.
    • Ensure product quality and reliability.
    • Forecast life expectancy.
    • Reduce costs.
    • Increase profitability.
    • Reduce after-sales service


    • Regulate if the requirements of a specification, regulation or contract are met.
    • Decide if a new product development program is on track.
    • Validate if the product is suitable for the end user.
    • Helps identify potential cost-saving products.
    • Help solve problems with current products.

    WWISE Implementation Process

    Step 1

    Phase 1

    Awareness Training, Information gathering and Standardising Templates.

    Step 2

    Phase 2

    System Development Documenting Policies, Process Flows, Procedures, Work Instructions, Standardising Forms aligned to SANS 4427 and ISO 9001.

    Step 3

    Phase 3

    Risk Assessment, Quality Control Plans, Record Generation with Implementation. We generate Record and evidence.

    Step 4

    Phase 4

    Internal Assessments, Non-conformance and corrective actions, Management Reviews.

    Step 5

    Phase 5

    Certification with SABS.