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    What is it?


    • The “WWISE Way” is a hands-on approach involving the organisation, staff, suppliers, and all interested parties.
    • Our unique way is to assist an organisation to implement an effective and bespoke ISO Management System that includes alleviating the administrative burden of documenting Policies, Processes, Procedures, Work Instructions, Risks, as well as standardising Forms and generating Records for the Standards’ requirements/controls.
    • We proudly claim over 290 successful clients certified to over 30 different ISO Standards in 16 different countries with a 100% Certification Record.
    Implemntation 01

    Why does an organisation need to consider the Implementation route and WWISE way?

    Implementation is a hands-on approach with a 100% success rate for organisations that seek to implement a system that is effective, manageable, aligned to business objectives, and is easily maintained.

    Employees lack time to document their processes but may spare an hour or so to explain the process, controls, and requirements of their activities. WWISE documents this on the clients’ behalf and aligns the outputs with related statutory, regulatory, contractual, and other requirements. This results in an effective ISO Management System aligned to relevant Standards and frameworks – custom-built according to the organisations’ requirements.

    We have resources, professionals, and experts to assist in accordance with the clients’ time frames. This covers continuous on the job training and mentoring of Top Management to take ownership of the system and monitor its performance through unique solutions that we create for the business.

    How long does it take to implement an ISO Management System?

    This is largely dependent on the organisations’ scope of products, services, departments, staff complement, processes, activities, functions, sites, and commitment from Top Management – this process may take a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 1 year.