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    SHEQ Admin Officer

    Contract Type:
    Office Location:
    Pretoria Office

    Job Description

    • Illustrate the concepts concerning management systems. Paying special attention to the understanding and adoption of management systems principles, ensuring that the design and implementation of the management systems is suited to the client’s culture and specific business environment.
    • Identifying the appropriate processes needed for management systems, define the relative importance and interaction of those processes and assist the client/organisation in identifying documentation essential to ensure the effective planning operation and control of its processes.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of processes to stimulate the organisation to look for opportunities for improvement and assist in promoting a process approach and continual improvement of the management systems within the organisation.
    • Identifying the training needs to enable the organisation to maintain the management systems.
    • Where applicable, assist the organisation in identifying the relationship between its management systems and any other relevant management system.
    • Developing policies, procedures, sequence and interactions, mandatory procedures, forms and templates, organisational structures etc.
    • Provide technical advice and guidance to organisations on how to handle problems relating to the management system.
    • Recommend processes and procedural improvements.
    • Conduct risk assessments based on client requirements and standard requirements.
    • Conduct internal audits and gap analysis audits (audit reports, meeting of minutes, non-conformance reports, corrective action reports).
    • ISO 17025 experience.
    • Implementation of systems (on-the-job training and assessments).
    • Follow-up with clients via phone and email.
    • Engage with the client based on their requirements and the scope of work.
    • Report on all client complaints and satisfaction.
    • Perform problem solving techniques.
    • Quality assurance — vetting all processes before submission, spelling and grammar.
    • Attend meetings — internally and externally.
    • Maintain a current and accurate fifing system (server and projects filing).
    • Report to Senior Project Manager on status progress of systems and expenditure (report, e-mail, verbally).
    • Utilisations of all project management tools, such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Visio, etc.
    • Perform other related duties as required.
    • The employer may in its absolute discretion require the employee to:
    • Perform duties which may fall outside his/her job title and/or job description after discussion with the employee,
    • Perform any other reasonable and lawful additional duties as requested of the employee.

    Experience and Qualification Requirements

    • Experience in an ISO industry.
    • Able to demonstrate the ability to collaborate with all levels of support services to ensure delivery deadlines are met.
    • Valid driver’s licence.