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    OHSAS and SHEQ Health and Safety Certificate Courses in South Africa

    We offer several accredited training courses to help your employees gain the necessary knowledge regarding ISO standards related to health and safety. For one of your employees or yourself to become an Ultimate Health & Safety Practitioner, a specific skills plan should be followed which you can read about at the “Getting Started” page under our Training section.  Our courses are accredited with Fibre Processing and Manufacturing Sector Education Training Authority. Enrol your employees in one or more of the courses below to obtain a relevant health and safety certificate.

    SHEQ – Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Internal Auditing

    The course stretches over a period of three days and is suited for individuals from companies who are required to conduct internal audits. This health and safety certificate enables the delegates to enter the Lead Audit course. The course covers ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:1999 and ISO 14001:1996 management system, in addition to the method of interpreting the requirements, while case studies also form part of the course content. Delegates learn about the necessary and appropriate conduct of the auditor and traits, audit planning and audit check lists, in addition to the recording of any non-conformances.

    SHEQ System Development Programme

    Another important course to complete for a relevant certificate in Health & Safety is the SHEQ System Development Programme. The course is suited for individuals from organisations who have the responsibility of developing, implementing and maintaining the organisation’s SHEQ Management System. It is a five-day course that covers aspects such as group work on the development of policies and procedures in accordance with the relevant standards.

    The course covers the standard clauses, such as management system requirements and responsibility, resource management and the overall monitoring, as well as measurement and relevant improvement. It furthermore addresses common pitfalls regarding implementation, as well as process mapping, processing management, case studies, and relevant group work, controls that must be in place for an integrated system, development of policies, procedure writing, document templates and formats.

    It furthermore addresses the development of work instructions, implementation steps, collection of documents and the certification process. This is thus an essential health and safety certificate programme for anyone who needs to perform internal audits for their organisation regarding their SHEQ Management System.

    Health & Safety Lead Auditor Course

    It is an essential course for individuals requiring the necessary skills for the purpose of leading audit teams or who must certify as SAATCA Auditors/Senior Auditors regarding 18001 certification audits. The course covers all aspects of the OHSAS 18001/2 standard, as well as the Occupational & Safety Act. It addresses the OHSAS Management Systems with various case studies used.

    Course content includes explanation of the roles of the auditors and lead auditors, the main principles of risk assessment and approaches, international and national legislation, reasons for audits and the objectivity of auditors, their conduct, scope and objectives of the auditing process, as well as scheduling and planning. Delegates learn about the various documents to be used as references, opening of meetings, checklist development methods, the assessment process and general auditing guidelines. They also learn how to conduct audits and how to record non-compliance, as well as closing meetings and clarifying their findings. Various other important aspects are also covered in the course

    View our Training section for a Course Synopsis and enrol your employees for the relevant courses, or enrol yourself to obtain the necessary health and safety certificate.

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