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    ISO 14000 Consulting and Implementation Solutions

    When your organisation seeks professional ISO 14000 Consulting and Implementation solutions, WWISE is your wholistic answer. WWISE can assist your organisation with the development and implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) that is built on the framework provided by the ISO 14001:2015 Standard. Our ISO Consultants can also assist with the implementation of an EMS and guide you on the process of seeking ISO Certification with the corresponding Certification Body. In this article, we talk about the importance of Environmental Management, the benefits of an EMS, and the positive implications for your organisation when employing an EMS.

    The Importance of Environmental Management

    The world is facing an environmental crisis that leads to catastrophic consequences because of the sheer impact that humans have on earth. This statement is supported by the recent earthquakes in Iceland and similar natural disasters from around the world. As a result, Environmental Management has become a crucial focal point for organisations that produce waste and pollution. By developing and implementing an EMS for your organisation that is based on the framework provided by the ISO 17001:2015 Standard, your business processes will become more environmentally conscious and work towards a more sustainable future.

    The Benefits of an EMS

    WWISE can assist your organisation throughout the processes of developing and implementing a tailored EMS that is specifically designed to match your organisation’s needs. An EMS should seamlessly integrate into your business processes and establish a more environmentally conscious approach when dealing with processes that produce waste or pollution in any form. This also relates to energy generation and usage, especially for industrial organisations. An EMS that is built on the framework of the ISO 17001:2015 Standard will give you the additional benefit of having the option to seek ISO Certification.

    Positive Implications

    By developing and implementing an EMS for your organisation, you can expect a range of positive implications to follow. Not only will you place your organisation in a position to seek ISO Certification, but you will also inform your customers and business partners that you are doing your part to seek a more sustainable future for your industry. In turn, this can attract more business opportunities and grow your brand to attract more customers.

    WWISE is your answer to ISO 17000 Consulting and implementation solutions in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on our available services and contact us directly with any enquiries on how we can assist your business throughout 2024. Make the most of the new year with WWISE on your side.

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