Training Catalogue


    Rene Steenkamp (SC)

    Training Coordinator


    • Matric – HF Verwoerd High School
    • ISO and other relevant Courses – Done @ SABS / TUV Rheinland and WTH Management and Training

    Rene brings over 20 years of diverse experience, having worked with various institutions, Certification Bodies, and Training Course Providers. Throughout her career, she has engaged with Reputable Companies and Organizations, collaborating closely with their management teams. The wealth of knowledge she has gained from working in different departments across these companies showcases her dedication to learning and growth.

    Her ultimate passion lies in dealing with clients, and she takes pride in maintaining satisfied and recurring clientele. Rene is known for her commitment to service delivery, a key aspect of her approach as she consistently goes the extra mile for her clients. In her extensive career, which has predominantly been in the ISO background, she has been involved with reputable companies, handling tasks such as Audit Scheduling and high-level interaction with clients on managerial levels across various industries.

    Rene’s motto reflects her positive and determined attitude: “Never say I can’t do, always give it a fair chance, and never say I am too old for this.” She embraces life’s challenges, turning obstacles into opportunities to strive for success. Rene’s diversity is evident in her experiences, ranging from working at EMI reception and administrative tasks in the Automotive Industry to being part of the Quality Assurance team, where she consistently provided valuable solutions.

    Her conflict management skills, developed through a dedicated course, proved invaluable, with an 80% success rate in solving client satisfaction issues related to marked products. Rene has also delved into the administrative side of a Gaming Laboratory, gaining insights into the industry. In the Services Sector, she has served many reputable companies, emphasizing trustworthiness and delivering assistance promptly.

    Rene’s role as a PA for Technical Managers provided her with a deep understanding of the organization’s diversity, covering areas such as Training, Ergonomics, Behavioral Safety, ISO, Star Rating, and Legal-based services. She successfully navigated challenges such as the development of construction kits and the handling of liquidation without setbacks.

    Her involvement in SAATCA and IRCA related training with different reputable companies showcases her commitment to ongoing professional development. Over a decade as part of an Accredited Training provider, Rene served as the first and last point of contact, ensuring professional telephonic communication and positive interactions. She consistently underpromises and overdelivers, understanding that client satisfaction is paramount.

    Despite facing challenges such as liquidations, Rene maintains a positive outlook, viewing them as opportunities for growth and new beginnings. She values blessings and sees them as stepping stones to success. Rene encourages seizing opportunities and prioritizing quality, fostering a mindset of “think quality and grow rich in risk-based thinking.”

    Delicia Maboyatle has the knowledge and experience in the following categories:

    ISO9001 Badge
    ISO 9001
    ISO14001 Badge
    ISO 14001
    ISO45001 Badge
    ISO 45001
    ISO27001 Badge
    ISO 27001
    ISO22301 Badge
    ISO 22301
    ISO17025 Badge
    ISO 17025
    ISO3834 Badge
    ISO 3834
    ISO20001 Badge
    ISO 20001
    ISO22000 Badge
    ISO 22000
    ISO50001 Badge
    ISO 50001
    King IV
    Cobit 5
    Cobit 5
    ITILL 4
    ITILL 4
    Prince 2
    Prince 2
    Sox controls
    SixSigma Badges
    Six Sigma
    Lean Manufacturing Badge
    Lean Manufacturing
    PCC Badges
    Process Control Charts
    365 Badge
    Microsoft Office 365
    Sharepoint Badge
    PowerBI Badge