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    Owner and Legal Director

    (Shabaana is the proud owner and Legal/HR director of WWISE)

    Shabanna Credibility

    Certificates in:

    • SAATCA Registered Lead Auditor Course on ISO 9001:2015
    • Occupational Health and Safety Legal Auditor

    Currently registered for Bachelor of Commerce in Law at University of South Africa

    Shabaana is the proud owner and Legal/HR director of WWISE. She is a seasoned leader who specialises in Legal and Operational Management. She is experienced in building and scaling business growth through a combination of company vision goals, as well as strategic and operational management.  She leads a professional team of men and women to ensure the provision of high-quality corporate support to WWISE and its clients. Shabaana’s specialty is to provide leadership and direction and is expected to interact with corporate clients and partners who have an impact on the operations of WWISE. She started working at WWISE in 2012 as an Office Manager and has thus excelled in becoming a Director and owner.

    Shabaana Ali is currently playing a hands-on role, which is critical to the effective functioning of WWISE. She delivers an efficient and effective role to the organisation in line with international best practices. She is pursuing her degree in BCom Law through UNISA and has experience in the legal and compliance field where she has attended numerous courses with the SABS on Safety, Health and Environmental Legislations.

    She has been involved in many projects which include the MTN SA, USAID, JSI, SABC ISF Services and many more.  She is a competent Legal Auditor in the field of Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) ISO standards. She oversees the development of bridging Medium-term goals and strategies towards the Strategic Plan outcomes of WWISE based on sound risk management analysis that are undertaken annually. She also ensures that all WWISE’s procedures are efficient, meet all the requirements, and are understood and implemented across the organisation. She is a valued and effective member of the Executive Team who enhances the reputation of WWISE.

    Shabaana is also passionate about social activism, she engages in numerous philanthropic activities in Pretoria with Education, Clothing and Food. Her love for the less fortunate is evident through her actions, her belief is that everyone has an inherent desire to give back and leave a mark on society.