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    Business Developer

    Cape Town Office

    Rochelle Cred


    • Diploma in Marketing

    Rochelle is an accomplished professional with a diverse background and a passion for sales, advertising, and animal advocacy. With over 22 years of experience in the sales industry, Rochelle has consistently demonstrated her expertise and dedication to her craft.

    Rochelle’s career in sales began two decades ago in the field of online advertising when the internet was still in its infancy stages. She quickly adapted to the evolving digital landscape and honed her skills in effectively promoting products and services through various online platforms.

    After gaining valuable experience in online advertising, Rochelle transitioned to the print advertising industry, specifically working for Forbes Africa Magazine. Her role involved developing advertising strategies, managing client relationships, and overseeing successful campaigns. Rochelle’s time at Forbes Africa Magazine allowed her to leverage her sales skills while also exploring the creative aspects of advertising.

    Not content with limiting herself to one industry, Rochelle expanded her horizons by venturing into the air freight industry. Working in this fast-paced sector, she developed a keen understanding of logistics, supply chain management, and the importance of efficient transportation networks. Rochelle’s experience in the air freight industry further enriched her skill set and broadened her professional network.

    While Rochelle is undoubtedly dedicated to her career, she values her family above all else. She prides herself on being family-oriented and prioritizes spending quality time with her loved ones. Additionally, Rochelle’s deep love for animals is evident in her role as an avid animal activist. She actively promotes animal welfare and engages in activities that support the well-being of furbabies everywhere.

    Beyond her professional and advocacy endeavors, Rochelle is a lover of adventure. She embraces new experiences and challenges, seeking opportunities to explore different cultures, landscapes, and cuisines. This spirit of adventure enriches her life and fuels her passion for personal growth.

    In summary, Rochelle Oliveira is an accomplished sales professional who has excelled in various industries, including online advertising, print advertising, and air freight. Her commitment to her family and her unconditional love for animals are integral parts of her identity. Rochelle’s passion for adventure and personal growth continue to drive her forward as she navigates new opportunities and makes a positive impact in her professional and personal pursuits.