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    Training, Accreditation and Certification Manager

    Lebogeng Credibility


    • Higher Certificate – Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development Practices
    • Train the Trainer (Coaching & Mentoring)
    • Facilitator
    • Lead Others Management Programme


    Lebo Maphohoshe is a Training, Accreditation and Certification Manager at WWISE. Lebo has over 13 years’ experience having contributed to impacting business outcomes through effective organization, prioritization, and execution of key projects within the Training and Development environment.

    Throughout her career within the Manufacturing-, Construction-, Education and Insurance Industries, Lebo has not only contributed to but has added immediate value by maximising the benefits of partnerships / relationships and generating a revenue for the organisations by making use of existing structures and identifying new opportunities.

    Lebo has played a critical role in one of the largest projects in Southern Africa (Eskom Medupi Project) ensuring over 800 unemployed youth were skilled in various areas as per the ASGISA requirements (ranging from artisan training to professional level) as well as upskilled hundreds of unskilled labourers through the RPL process of the relevant SETA’s.

    Throughout her career in delivering technical skills and innovation training Lebo has built her reputation in the industry as an experienced leader, strategist, consultant, and learning specialist pioneering leading digital education programmes across the African continent.